Children's Sunday School: Ms Brenda Hegel
Teen Youth Group: Bro Ty Irwin
College & Career: Bro Jon Wagahoff
Ladies Sunday School: Mrs Diane Wagahoff
Men's Sunday School: Bro Dave Ernst

Wednesday Night Youth:

PeeWees: Mrs Diane Wagahoff

Patch the Pirate: Ms Virginia McKinney

Wednesday Night Teen Meeting: Bro Ty Irwin

Church Mission:

Bro Ty has served as our Youth Pastor since May of 2013, and has a great love for the Youth here at BHBC. He holds a Degree of Advanced Biblical Studies.

He married his wife, Ms Rachel (Wagahoff), in October of 2011. They have 3 children, a son Tommie, a daughter Abigail, and a son Josiah. Ms Rachel also serves as a pianist here at the Church.

Reach the Lost..  Teach the Word..  Preach the Gospel!!

Bro Jon became our Song Leader in July of 2000, and was voted in as our Associate Pastor in October of 2006. He has served as our Youth Pastor, a Sunday School Teacher, Church Treasurer, and as our Church pianist over the years. He holds a Degree of Advanced Biblical Studies.

He married his wife, Ms Amy (McMurtry), in November of 2008. Ms Amy serves as our pianist here at the Church.

715 S O'Bannon, PO Box 603

Raymond IL 62560

Church Ph. (217) 250-9688

​Piano Players

Sunday Mornings & Wednesday Evenings: Ms Amy Wagahoff

Sunday Night & Church Choir: Ms Rachel Irwin

Youth Pastor Ty M Irwin

Assoc Pastor Jonathan J Wagahoff

Pastor Wagahoff served as our Interim Pastor when the Church started in September of 1980, and became our Pastor in May of 1986. He holds a Graduate of Theology Degree and has been actively involved in the Ministry for over 40 years.

Bro William J Wagahoff (Pulpit-Fill)

He married his wife, Ms Diane (Jarman), in September of 1969. They have 6 children, 6 children-in-laws, 13 grandchildren, and 1 grandchild-in-law.

Pastor James L Wagahoff


Bro William has served as a Pulpit-Fill through our Church since January 2014. He holds an Associates of Theology, and has worked in Addiction programs (RU, etc) for almost 10 years.  He is available for Pulpit Fill, Mission Conferences, Revivals, Etc.

He married his wife, Ms Leanne (Crawford), in June of 1993. They have 2 children, son's Austin, wife Audrey (Gibbs), in Bryant AR, and Caleb who is attending Blessed Hope Baptist College in Benton AR.